jan 2nd '22

idk why but I had a ridiculously precise recollection of this dream and I wrote down everything I remembered as soon as I woke up, so here goes...

In an earlier part of the dream I was in some pseudo-scary, flooded underground area; it seemed more like a parody than an actual horror. In the tunnels you could hear railway station announcements, and every time I saw a "scary" figure somewhere at the end of a tunnel, instead of being afraid of it, I called for it to come to me.

I also saw a woman, who seemed to be about my height from afar, but as she got closer to me, she gradually got taller until she was about half a metre higher than I was.

In a later part of the dream I was still in primary school and our P.E. teacher was picking us out into teams; I was awaiting selection in the hallway. There were also Ż., M., F. and P. there. Later yet, I was in a store, something not unlike an old polo market from my childhood, but larger. There was an entire aisle crammed full of carbonated drinks. I was looking for some particular canned fruit soda, but I stumbled upon six-packs of 2-litre pepsi and coke bottles. For some reason they came in multiple variations of packaging sponsored (?) by different companies that used the bottles as advertising space, and each one had a different price...

Then the store turned into a school again, and Ż. told me that there were backpacks put next to the 6-packs by kids who called dibs on the soda and that by taking one I stole from them. I said something like "Finders keepers" and didn't worry much about it, but this irritated him and he stole took my backpack and ran away onto the field with it.

We were walking across the field with A. and someone else. A. was whining about someone having taken his backpack. We met his mom, mrs K; she was wearing a military officer's peaked cap for some reason. She asked us what happened to A.'s bag. Behind her back, Sz. was running in circles, holding the bag out mockingly.

In the last part of the dream that I can remember, I took part in filming a documentary about catching giant alligators. We were using beachball-sized paintballs for it. We were going across a lake with a captain on a large yacht armed with a paintball cannon. Before they showed us on the lake in the doc, there was a segment about how the paintballs are made. We sailed by to one of the alligators and tried to startle him so that he would swim out onto the surface. We succeeded in that but we missed our shot with the paintball and he started chasing us. We turned back, full throttle, first on the boat, and then we dove out and swam (although somehow, in the dream, we were swimming just as fast as we were going on the boat), and finally we ran on foot on the land, across woods and bogs.

I ran for quite a long time before I looked back, standing at the edge of a shallow pond, and saw a puma or a cheetah instead of the alligator. I ran away from her across the pond for some time, because I thought she wouldn't want to submerge in it, but it turned out the pond's depth only reached a little bit above the height of my ankles. Finally the cat caught up to me and got me on my left hip. She bit off a piece of it but I felt nothing. Next to me stood a small donkey, and the cat took interest in him instead of me. I punched the cat in the head a couple of times and it knocked her out. Kinda silly

oct 6th '21

Underneath an old cottage house, inside a well, there was a body. It was important to my friend for some reason and he wanted to get it out of there. We talked to some nuns about it but never told them the details.

The well was blocked. Unbeknownst to anyone else, there was a crack between one of the walls and the ground outside that you could crawl through to get to the bottom of the well, which I did; but I don't remember much more.

In a later part of the dream, or perhaps in another dream altogether, a man came to our house or flat, claiming it was his and repeatedly trying to get inside, waving some sort of a proof of purchase in our faces. Eventually he got inside and ostensibly slept in the house, pressuring us to leave.

apr 11th '21

D. was staying at my place for the night and she was wearing some sort of a decorative petticoat with frills, like one of those old dolls... weird. In my room there were 2 beds and we slept in one of them. In the morning I got up a long time before her and had to go somewhere, I think it was to school.

I was hoping to see her when I get back home but I saw her cycling home on my way back and didn't even try to get her attention. It was a fairly pleasant dream, I felt good spending time with her, even if it ended in a lame way.

Later, I dreamt about being in some sort of a Minecraft-like sandbox. There were giant floating islands there and a city similar to London, with a big ferris wheel. In the dream it seemed cool and everything made sense somehow...

nov 29th '20

i remember being in one of the classrooms at university during class but not participating in it; for whatever reason, i was there with an old elementary school classmate and just walking around messing with something on the computers. i also recall having to connect some sort of a giant AC adapter to a socket and slicing a kitkat bar with a pocket knife.

in another part of the dream i walked through a valley that's already appeared in a previous dream with my dad; there were railroad tracks there surrounded by lots of derelict neon signs (that was new). from the conversation with my dad it appeared to be some sort of an old tourist attraction, a neon lightshow you'd go through by train.

later, it was night and i was out in the city during some unrest; i was approached by 3 masked guys with guns who were making fun of me but for some reason they stopped before they got hostile and just walked with me, talking and vibing as if nothing happened. we were near the seaside. they walked me to a ferry i got on and set off somewhere before i woke up

nov 23rd '20

i was walking around the house not knowing what to do with myself; finally i decided to lie down on the floor in my room and fell asleep; i woke up (in the dream) 2 hours late to class and started panicking, running around in circles confused and scared.

i re-appeared outside with my mom, somewhere in the city, a couple steps from the bridge; somewhere around the old computer store I saw some coaches on enormous monster truck-like suspensions and wheels; there were lots and lots of them driving back and forth, children looking out the windows and laughing... perhaps on a schooltrip? everything in that dream seemed to either be in circles or back and forth, back and forth; the coaches also had some sort of a bulky, metal cage around their top; either a railing or some kind of an armour, like a police van (but much bigger);

as one of the coaches drove by, it honked out a melody that my mom seemed to recognize; then, another coach was driving straight towards me as I was walking down the pavement; I had to get out of the way, even though the walkway was incredibly wide (probably 8-10 metres?)...

music: 666dash - ✰