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I added a sidebar to the right of the blog posts for buttons and webrings. Currently tryna think of what else I can put there. Perhaps a hit counter? Or a player of some sorts?

On a sidenote: Ok I ended up removing those 2 posts anyway, venting on my mainsite was embarrassingly bad judgment... This definitely ain't the place for it so I'll find somewhere else to put that kinda stuff next time.


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Nov 29th, 2020


So it looks like I finally got most of what I wanted to work on the website, more or less... If you're reading this (hopefully on a computer because it kinda sucks on mobile lol), thank you for visiting :)

I'm wilton and this blog is my first little exercise in doin HTML/CSS from scratch and hopefully a nice place to put anything I make and enjoy doing. I know I may not be the most talented artist (actually... an artist at all) or web designer as you can see; but I can only learn by trial and error and I hope for it to one day be an archive I can look back on and smile at how bad I used to be at it; that is if I do ever end up making some progress lol... Either way, I've wanted to have a website ever since I could remember but I never got around to it until now, when I found out about neocities and this whole neat nostalgic community around it!

The design of the blog is (supposed to be) vaguely inspired by sploder.com which is a game making site I've spent the better part of my life on since I was 8, and one that I have more memories from than probably any friend group I've been in irl... Sadly it's probably gonna disappear soon enough as Flash ends its lifetime by the end of this year :( Which is why I wanted to immortalize some of my nostalgia in this way.

Anyway, now all I have to do to have the whole site fully up n running in the way I always wanted my blog to be like is to add a dream journal and iron out some wrinkles and it's good to go :D I can already encourage you to check out the song of the day page where I'm gonna try to put any newly discovered music that I like everyday, or to write something in the guestbook! I appreciate any sort of input, whether it's a simple hello or some critique or a music rec; It's always nice to read a message from someone from the other end of the world :)


Nov 21st, 2020

!! (best viewed on desktop) !!

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click on da arrows, I dare you

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